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Capturing Maximum Energy

The PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker is the premium choice in modern technology. Thanks to Sun-Action Trackers patented Real-Time Sensors that allow for optimum solar energy generation due to the ability to follow the sun at its maximum irradiation point both vertically and horizontally.


Meet the PST-2AL

Exceptional Performance

The PST-2AL Dual Axis Tracker is a fully integrated system featuring smart components that work hand in hand to deliver achievable results.  The premium choice for modern solar tracking technology for both residential and commercial applications.

Sun Action Dual Axis Tracker

Real Time Sensing in Action

About Sun Action Trackers


  • Produces 30-40% more power than traditional fixed arrays.

  • High reliability and low maintenance

  • No wasted energy

  • No in-field welding


  • Low voltage DC motors which require low maintenance and minimum downtime

  • Can accommodate any available solar module

  • Can be installed on any terrain

  • Easy electrical plug and play connection

  • Company support during the lifetime of the tracker

For Home Owners
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