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Bright Spot Solar

Your Turn-Key Dual-Axis Tracker System

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Bright Spot Solar Panels

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Experience the ultimate in solar energy technology with the Bright Spot Panel. With our DEKRA-certified and IEC-standard-compliant panels, you can rest assured that our products are reliable and consistent. The BRIGHTSPOT-445-m72HBi has been designed and custom manufactured for use with the Bright Spot dual axis tracker, and is capable of producing up to 505W of power.

Sun-Action Trackers

Meet the Sun-Action Dual-axis Tracker, engineered to efficiently harvest solar energy with its accurate real-time sensing. This solar tracker is low maintenance, reliable, and with over 60,000 trackers installed worldwide since 2006, you can trust in its bankability. Choose the highest energy yielding solar racking system that can increase production by up to 45% more than traditional ground mount fixed tilt systems (60% more with bi-facial panels).


Growatt Inverters & Batteries

The Growatt MIN Inverter is the perfect partner for a Dual-Axis Tracker, with its advanced features and reliable performance. With battery ready options for both DC and AC coupled systems, it offers flexibility for any installation. It also supports RSD and AFCI for safety and includes multiple energy management modes such as self-consumption, zero export, TOU and off-grid for ultimate control.


Bright Spot Solar

Outstanding Quality

Brighten up your life with Bright Spot Solar - the premier solar installer in New England. With our inventory of solar equipment, we're ready to transform your home or business into a beacon of clean energy. Contact us today to get started on your solar journey!

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